Upload with Audioboo

Contribute to the Aeolian Soundmap sound map by uploading your own recordings using Audioboo. Audioboo is a free mobile & web platform that effortlessly allows you to record and upload audio for anyone in the world to hear.

You can make recordings using your own microphones and recording gear then upload them using the Audioboo website which is the recomended method. You can also use the Audioboo iPhone app by recording and uploading directly from your phone.  There is an Audioboo app for Android which you can find by searching the Android Marketplace for ‘Audioboo’.

When uploading recordings via Audioboo, add the tag ‘#aeolianmap’ and they will appear on the Aeolian SoundmapWe recommend keeping your recordings short so they work effectively playback method (30 seconds or less works well).

You need to make sure that your uploads are geotagged for them to appear on the map. You also can add more than one tag to each upload to further describe your recording. Tags must start with a ‘#’.  Along with tagging the recording #aeolianmap, the additional tags will appear in the soundmap tagcloud so people can filter the playback settings by selecting different combinations of tags. When tagging, have a look at the soundmap tag cloud and wherever possible choose a tag that is already up there.

You can also upload an image and description with your audio.

By adding your audioboo recordings to the Aeolian Soundmap you are agreeing that these sounds can be included in Aeolian Soundmap public installations and performances. At these events, it will be made clear that the audio content consists of contributions from the public, and each contributor will contacted and credited.

Find out more about Audioboo by watching the introductory video below.